Well originally the website was going to be called OURJOL.COM.
JOL was going to have a double meaning:

JOL = Journey Of a Lifetime an obvious name for obvious reasons
In Afrikaans slang jol (pronounced jawl) is a versatile word with many meanings, including “to party”, “a disco”, “to have a good time”.
So we thought we had a good start with OURJOL.COM.

But Kathy decided to expand it a bit to OURJOLLEIGH.COM to also play off an english expression and our last name.
Jolly or Jollies in England is also slang for “having a trip somewhere or going on holiday/vacation.”
“I am off on a jolly to London next week” as an example.

So we hope we have killed many birds with one stone.
Either way we feel the meaning resonates with who we are, with some South African, some English and something special in its meaning that we will be able to use as a vehicle to keep our friends and family up to date with our true Journey Of a Lifetime.