February 7th 2013 to October 20th 2013 (Approximately)

After we get back to the UK from Africa we then fly to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year.
2013 will be the year of the Snake. From Hong Kong we will then head to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Bangkok before flying to Sri Lanka for the start  of our 8 week journey through Sri Lanka and India. We will need to be in Kathmandu for the next tour we have organized РKathmandu to Beijing.

When we get to Kathmandu there will be another tour going through Nepal, Tibet and China ending up in Beijing for a total of 47 days.

There will be a small detour to Brisbane, Australia for the wedding of my brother, Hylton on July 16th 2013.
We will then head back to Indonesia and travel back through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We end up back in Bangkok sometime in late October 2013.