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Galapagos – christmas tree iguanas, albatross and nasca booby’s

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Galapagos – christmas tree iguanas, albatross and nasca booby’s


We were raring to go this morning as we had already arrived at one of th best islands in the Galapgos – Espanola . Here we were going to hike around the island which should take around 3 hours.
A dry landing this time – meaning you pull up to a jetty, which after yesterday afternoons drenching, I was very pleased about.
Espanola is one of the islands where the wildlife is just fantastic.
We arrived and were greeted by the now ever present sea lions, and we saw the first batch of red crabs that are abundant on the rocks. There are little hundreds of marine iguanas here, also called Christmas iguanas because if their red and green markings.

Yuletide iguana…


You could get pretty close and thy didn’t even blink. Amazing, and some so close to the sea lions and crabs, almost living in perfect harmony. As we walked round we saw the Nasca booby’s. Similar to the red foot and green foot, but these have green feet ( some people have wanted their name to be changed to the ‘green footed booby’ which would make sense.

This male was picking up stones to make the female a nest…sort of building a new patio…

We watched them for a while them were surprised to see some still sitting on eggs waiting for hem to hatch, and even saw a couple of small birds, a few weeks old and one still under the  mother that looked a few days old.


Again, they have no fear of people and don’t see us as a predator. We also saw some beautiful Galapagos Hawks which are only on certain islands and prey on young iguanas and some of the other birds chicks.


The big thing to look for here was the Galapagos Albatross. It should really have already left these parts but because the rainy season has been a few weeks late, Ivan, our guide was hoping to see a couple of late leavers. At the blowhole we rested and were thinking our luck was out as we were nearly at the end if the hike, and then we saw a small albatross on its own, probably waiting for its parents to come back with some food. It was in the bushes and just sitting quietly.


We watched for a while then gradually the group moved on. I was trying to get a photo of an abandoned egg, and thought I would wait a few more  minutes. And luckily for me I did as once the group had gone the baby albatross got up and walked out of the bushes.


It came out and then ran along the path  probably looking for its parents, but allowing me to get a great shot.
National geographic ? Maybe not but I love this photo with the baby looking all fluffy and cute.


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